The inspiration for jack and the beanstalk casino slotmachine and more

My Idea of jack and the beanstalk casino slot machine

Irie Arts and Crafts Jamaica is a fast rising company engaged in Jamaican arts and crafts. Higgins got the idea of starting Irie Arts and Crafts after having an extended stay in Jamaica.
After returning from his holiday, Kymani Higgins saw an opportunity and that’s how Irie Arts and Craft Jamaica got started.

One day one of the game developers of NetEnt came into our store to get inspired. We had a good conversation and I told him some stories about Jamaica and about my last visit. He told me he got stuck with one of the slot machines he needed to develop.
The name of the slot machine was jack and the beanstalk. He showed me some previews and asked my advice, because he thought i would have a fresh perspective. I really liked the intro video with the sound features and the art style and graphics on this jack and the beanstalk slot machine.
All the symbols are very nice drawn and it fits the theme perfectly. I only played a couple of times on slot machines such as Geisha Wonders slot, but those were so old in comparison with these new, amazing slot machines. There’s a story behind every machine and each one of them is unique.
I told him to change the giants into one purple giant with two heads and some other small thing. He told me the game needed to be launched in two weeks and he was going to let me know when it was going to be live.
When i saw the slot machine for the first time, I was so proud, because the man listened to me! There was a purple giant with two heads, an angry goat and the magical treasure. This man referred me to a free casino slot machines online information website, where everything is always up to date and I would receive updates about new slot machines.
After launching jack and the beanstalk, the man told me he was going to create a new slot machine in Jamaican style and he was going to use Irie Arts and Crafts Jamaica as his inspiration source.
I couldn’t be more proud!