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Are you an art enthusiast? Do you desire to have a Caribbean themed painting hanging in your lobby or living room? If so, we have got the best collection of contemporary and post-modern paintings from Jamaica.

At the Irie Arts and Crafts store, we sell a broad range of Jamaican paintings that appeal to the wide variety of art lovers. Some collections appeal to the traditional curators and art collectors that have a deep interpretation. There are also paintings influenced by the Rastafarian movement that represent the embodiment of this culture.

The Jamaican art scene has been greatly overlooked over the years, but Irie Arts and Crafts is working to change that. By providing a platform on which the rest of the world can get to interact with Jamaican paintings we are helping more people recognize the raw talent that sits in this peaceful Caribbean island nation.

Jamaica’s paintings show a blend of various artistic styles that mainly emanate from the country’s history. Post colonialism has left the imprint of the European art styles of expressionism, cubism, and impressionism. The African roots of the Jamaican people are also represented in their paintings with some styles showing a high similarity to African paintings.

The Jamaican paintings stand out from other ordinary artwork due to their simplicity and direct emotional impact. These feelings of the artist can clearly be interpreted from the blend of colors and the smoothness of the brushstrokes. The popular Jamaican culture provides a significant backdrop to the popularity of these artworks.

Tropical paintings

What sets the Jamaican arts apart is the addition of the tropical vibe that carries a relaxing mood. The tropical sunset paintings are some of our best sellers. We also stock paintings depicting the relaxed summer vibe of this tropical paradise that bring a feeling of freedom into any room. Visit our store to check out these collections and much more.

Rastafarian paintings

To say that the Rastafarian movement has had a significant influence on the Jamaican art scene would be an understatement. This culture has spread due to its embrace of freedom and equality. Paintings influenced by the Rastafarian movement will have shades of red, yellow and green which are the main Rastafarian colors.

The culture has also spread due to its connection to reggae music and at the heart of this genre is Bob Marley. Marley has been idolized due to his inspiring music and powerful message. We stock a great collection of Bob Marley portraits as well as well as other paintings that are inspired by the lyrics in his songs. Our Iron Lion paintings are particularly popular with reggae enthusiasts.

We also have paintings inspired by Jamaican history and patriotism. The Jamaican flag and map are some of the popular items in this collection. Portraits of Marcus Garvey are also popular among people who follow Jamaican history.