Forex Info Organizes Jamaican Themed Event

Irie Arts and Crafts offers visitors to come in to our store and browse through the beautiful collection of our Jamaican art. Our collection, divided over beautiful paintings, crafts and decorations, will immediately let visitors interact with the Jamaican culture. All of our art pieces in our store are showing a mix between many artistic styles and artists. Besides our inspiring shop, Irie Arts and Crafts also provides themed parties and event services. Companies and individuals are able to book one of our services in order to let us take care of the entire styling, decor and location. Because of our experience in the culture, art and tropical vibes, we can use our knowledge while organizing and decorating your upcoming event or party. If you would like to know more about our event services, you should definitely continue reading our article.

The Jamaican culture is very interesting to use while decorating, because it allows you to use so many great elements. Just think about the use of sand, palm trees, rasta products and animals such as flamingos; this will instantly make your guests feel comfortable and happy at the same time! Irie Arts and Crafts Jamaica will use different decor items and can help you pick a nice location. While preparing your party, we can also manage your catering, all based on the delicious Jamaican cuisine. We offer a variety of catering services, ranging from finger food to diners. Did we already mentioned the best tropical cocktails? Your party is not complete without a refreshing drink that will trigger your tastebuds. Irie Arts and Crafts Jamaica has a wide network of professionals that are ready to collaborate with us so that we can turn your party into a big success. From bartenders to professional decorators; we can arrange all the help we need, all included in the same price. We can even arrange a live band for your event, including traditional Jamaican music that will blow the minds of your guests.

Last week, Irie Arts and Crafts Jamaica helped the company Forex Info with organizing a Jamaican themed event. We transformed a local restaurant into an indoor beach, including hammocks, wooden parasols, sand and outdoor lights. The concept of the event was called “The Relaxed Summer” and the vibe was very relaxing for all of the guests. The company event of Forex Info acted as a closing party for the staff. After a busy day of teambuilding on the beach, they headed to the location for a fun after-drink. Irie Arts and Crafts was responsible for arranging the decoration, styling, staff and music. We hired a Jamaican live band that would entertain the guests for many hours, which they really did. All the guests of Forex Info had a great time during this event and were even slow dancing on the dancefloor. We can proudly say that this event turned out to be a great success! If you would be interested in hosting your own Jamaican themed event, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to discuss all the possibilities!