We have a wide variety of Jamaican craft items ranging from home centerpieces and decorative items to functional items such as jewelry and clothes. We source the goods from open markets, souvenir shops and pottery shops across Jamaica.

Our line of Jamaican clothing is the most popular with most customers. This trendy attire never seems to go out of style due to the backing of a strong historical culture. We have beautiful tam and beanie hats for both genders. We also sell Jamaican themed T-shirts and hoodies. In the jewelry section, we have a great collection of hand-made beads and necklaces.

At Irie Arts and Crafts, you will also get craft fabrics such as wall hangings and embroidered linens with a Jamaican theme. The linens are brightly colored with the green, red, and yellow shades being the primary colors on the fabrics.

The wood carvings section contains both functional and decorative items. We stock wooden bowls and pots that can be used to store dry goods. There are also decorative wood carvings meant to embody the Jamaican spirit. The carvings include sculptures of Rasta heads, Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey. There are also sculptures of animals and inanimate objects such as ships.

We also sell items made from sea shells such as bracelets and necklaces.

Jamaican pots are made from red Jamaican clay which gives the pots a rich color and makes them durable. Pottery in Jamaica is a long standing tradition with the local Taino people having started the practice way before the English vessels docked on their shores. The practice of pottery has managed to stay pure and is largely uninfluenced by technology and mass production techniques. Each of the vessels is hand crafted by professional potters with years of experience. Pottery items in our store range from urns, to flower pots and vases. These items can be added to your home to bring an antique vibe to the room.

We also sell straw items such as hats and baskets. The straw hats provide a stylish accessory when you decide to hit the beach in the summer. We also stock a variety of straw baskets that can be used to store goods in the house, picnic baskets or even as a carriage basket for when you decide to hit the farmers market. We also sell straw laundry baskets and dustbins. These are functional items that that also add some style to your d├ęcor.

Event Room

Our event room is a Jamaican themed hall that can comfortably accommodate 400 guests. The room provides a great atmosphere for all your events with the tropical mood leading people to feel happy and relaxed.

We have managed to host some major companies such as Slots and Stripes which is an online casino and the pharmaceutical company Bayer. The Jamaican themed room is a preferred option for company retreats since it helps to take the employees minds off work and allows your staff to mingle and interact with each other. This way, the workers can get to know each other on a deeper level which will enhance their bond and increase productivity.

The room spots tropical chairs made from straw. We also have a tiki bar that serves various tropical juices and beverages. We also have various Jamaican and tropical themed items such as an ocean backdrop, palm trees, and a treasure chest.

The event room can be used to host company retreats business conventions, weddings and birthday parties among other events. Contact our offices to schedule a reconnaissance tour of the premises and make sitting arrangements. Some of the items in the event room can be added or removed upon request.