About us

Irie Arts and Crafts Jamaica is a fast rising company engaged in Jamaican arts and crafts. The company was founded in 2012 by Kymani Higgins. Higgins got the idea of starting Irie Arts and Craft after having an extended stay in Jamaica where he had gone to visit his relatives on vacation.

After returning from his holiday, Kymani Higgins discovered that the Jamaican culture is not well represented and marketed in England. Since reggae music is popular in a niche community of English residents, Kymani saw an opportunity to market Jamaican arts and crafts to this community. Higgins sought to bring authentic Jamaican arts and crafts into England and sell them to people who were fans of this popular culture.

Since then, the business has grown to unprecedented levels. Fans of the Rastafarian culture have shown great interest in our merchandise which has boosted our revenues. Furthermore, regular people who are not necessarily fans of reggae also visit our shops, and they are impressed with our merchandise. This is because our products are tailored to have an authentic Jamaican feel while also remaining relevant in the European market.

The difference between our store and the rest of the tropical merchandise stores out there is that we source our products directly from Jamaica. This gives our customers a feeling of satisfaction since they know that they are buying genuine products from Jamaica and supporting the local talent. We also have a mini gallery section where we display Jamaican art.

Our business model is customer oriented where we strive to provide the best possible customer service to our clients. Our employees are well versed with the Jamaican culture and the origins of our products. We clearly elaborate to each customer the symbolism depicted in various carvings and paintings to help them view the object as its artist intended.

The event room is our latest addition, and we have already bagged some high profile clients. Kymani Higgins himself designed the room, and he intended it to be a mini Jamaican tropical paradise. The Jamaican themed event room helps people get more immersed into the culture of this tropical island.

We are always looking to expand our line of products and play a leading role in bridging the gap between the Jamaican artists and the European market. We aim to achieve this by widening our market and getting to the areas we haven’t visited yet to target more artists while still maintaining the high quality of products we ship into the country.