The tropical island of Jamaica has managed to stand out in the Caribbean islands for its rich and unique culture. With popular cultures such as the Rastafarian movement and the reggae genre, Jamaica has managed to influence every part of the world.

At Irie Arts and Crafts, we help bring this cultural essence closer to home. At our business premises in Newcastle England, we offer you a tropical experience right in your comfort zone. Our merchandise is directly sourced from Jamaica where we have an excellent and competent team that scouts for the best paintings and crafts.

We are the only store in England that specializes in displaying and selling Jamaican artwork. We believe that the Jamaican art scene has been greatly overlooked and are looking to amend this flaw. Jamaican artwork has a special connection to the European culture due to the fusion of European painting styles into the artwork. Besides all the artistic paintings and so on, we also do a lot of collaborations with online companies. One particular company who produces slot machines with different themes approached us, because they wanted to build an slot machine involving the typical Jamaican culture. This has been one of the best collaborations we did, we are vey proud! If you would like to try out this slot machine for free you can claim your gratis online casino oranje casino spins here or read more about it on the best Thai online casino website: เว็บคาสิโนที่ดีที่สุด and รีวิวคาสิโน.

Our practice of getting our products straight from the source makes them even more valuable. Since most of the products we sell have sentimental value, it is essential to us that they be authentic. A portrait of Bob Marley of Marcus Garvey painted in England might look good but lack sentimental value. This makes it less valuable than one done in Jamaica by an artist who embodies the values of these leaders and draws his or her inspiration from them.

We are looking to reward the Jamaican artists for their hard work. Creating the products ourselves, or sourcing them from anywhere else apart from Jamaica would be doing injustice to the people of this great nation who have strived to create a beautiful culture that is admired all over the world.


The Irie Arts and Crafts store is your one stop shop for the best paintings out of Jamaica. Our scouting team procures paintings from quality freelance painters in Jamaica as well as from renowned art galleries in the country. We stock popular Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey paintings as well as other Jamaican and Rastafarian themed paintings. Proceed to our paintings page to learn more.


We sell a wide variety of craft works that including carvings and clothing. Our aim is to provide tropically themed crafts that are fashionable and functional. Our wide selection is sure to suit anyone from those looking for a functional item such as a hat or straw basket to those looking to decorate their homes. One of the people that teaches these craft workshops is also a very keen slot machine enthusiast. He likes to play on roulette on a mobile casino because it is easy accessible.

Event room

The event room is the latest addition to the services we offer. The Jamaican themed event room features a fresh and relaxing vibe with the props and lighting making you feel as if you are in a Caribbean coastal paradise. The tiki bar is a favorite for many. The room has a large capacity, and it can host a variety of events. Already, the Jamaican themed event room service has become popular with a selection of high profile companies such as Slots and Stripes, which is an online casino, and the pharmaceutical company Bayer holding their events at our location. Moreover, we also offer other services for companies if you want to read more about this than click here.